Mold Damage Restoration Services for Properties in Long Beach, CA

The damage recovery contractors at Paul Davis provide black mold removal services to homes throughout Long Beach, CA, to restore their property and prevent further growth. Black mold is a dangerous entity that generates in dark, humid spaces in homes where moisture buildup is common. It can induce allergic reactions and respiratory issues to those who live in the area, so it’s important to get immediate black mold removal services. Don’t wait to reach out to our black mold removal contractors to reestablish your property.

Reliable Mold Damage Restoration Services

Mold can attach itself to everything from the drywall and insulation to the ceiling and floors. If you've been getting chronic cold-like symptoms, itchy eyes or asthma, it’s time to get in touch with a company that extracts mold. Paul Davis conducts black mold remediation to extract the infection and avoid the detrimental health effects it can have. The following are the services you expect when you bring in a black mold removal specialist:

  • Black mold examination
  • Control the growth so it won’t spread
  • Use air filtration methods to remove spores from the air
  • Residential and commercial mold extraction
  • Apply antimicrobial treatments to disinfect and deodorize
  • Install new drywall, ceilings and floors

Paul Davis Fixes Mold Damage

Our black mold removal services are handled by licensed contractors who are ready 24/7 for emergency attention. We use advanced technology and equipment to detect the mold spores and isolate the area for restoration. Each member of our staff who repairs mold damage has passed a rigorous background check and been through an intensive training period at our ultramodern facility. In addition to mold damage remediation, we have a quality assurance team that acts as a contact between clients and insurance providers, so property damage claims can be processed quickly. We have the experience and tools to more efficiently serve residents in Long Beach, CA.

The Paul Davis Distinction

For over five decades, Paul Davis has been a reputable name for property owners who need black mold removal services. Residents across Long Beach, CA, can rely on the mold restoration contractors at Paul Davis to make their home or commercial property safe to be in again. We understand things can happen at any point during the day, and that’s why we provide emergency services in Long Beach, CA,. Mold is incessant and when it’s not taken care of, it will flourish and spread. Don’t jeopardize yourself or other people in your home and contact the team at Paul Davis to conduct mold removal services. Our skillful black mold removal contractors will ensure your property is safe again.

Reach Out to Paul Davis Now

If you need home or commercial black mold removal services in the Long Beach, CA, area, get in touch with Paul Davis. Our black mold removal specialists are available to provide you quality service around the clock. Get in touch with Paul Davis at (714) 228-0895 for emergency cleanups and restorations.