Water Damage in your Home

Flood damage in your home can begin from several places. If left to continue, water damage can deteriorate the structure of your property. Porous surfaces like floors and walls are prone to fungal invasion when water damage is neglected. The Paul Davis specialists are the ones to call when your home or business takes on water damage.

Before The Paul Davis Arrive

Before a Paul Davis technician appears, there are different measures you can do to help make the job speed up. From the floors, walls, ceiling, and your prized things, it’s essential to act quickly to avoid water damage in your home.

Do not enter your home unless it’s safe. The hazardous combination of water and electricity makes a dampened home an unsafe place to enter. Turn off the main breaker before walking into your home. Even if they look safe, home appliances can pack a punch when damaged by water.

First Things First

Water is a pervasive substance that can leak into every nook and cranny in your home. Relocate all your small possessions to avoid more water damage. Level, sturdy surfaces are ideal for drying books, magazines and other paper materials. Small lamps, knickknacks and other display items should also be removed. The cleaning can begin once you’ve moved books, small items and other dampened materials.

To dry your home, use fans or your AC system. Wipe or mop damp surfaces like shelves to ensure minor pools of standing water have been cleaned. Though you may want to try, do not use a regular home vacuum cleaner to clean water. This can damage the appliance and hurt you if incorrectly handled. When you’re ready to move furniture, raise up furnishings like heavy chairs using wooden and cement blocks to elevate them away from the the floor.

Carpet and fabrics take on weight when exposed to water. This additional weight makes leather goods, fur and rugs difficult to dry. So if you must remove a carpet, proceed with caution. Hang draperies, clothing and other fabrics away from the flooded area to dry properly. Pieces like draperies might not be salvaged easily.

Water damages your property’s structure the same way it affects carpets and rugs. Floors and ceilings will warp when they take on water weight, be sure to avoid these hazards.

Paul Davis Restoration

Water damage is no match for Paul Davis. {And with a some assistance from homeowners, we can begin working faster.} We can restore your house back to normal safely and quickly. Our experts have worked in a range of flood conditions in different types of residential and business properties. Additionally, Paul Davis will work with your insurance company to settle your claims quickly, so you can get life back to normal.