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Is It Dangerous to Remain in a Home with Smoke Damage?

Fires in your residence are hazardous for you, your loved ones and your house. At first, fire damage restorations may be expected, but even when the flames are gone, you’re left with another harmful thing: smoke pollution. No matter the fire’s size, large or small, smoke has the ability to impact your entire property. The odor from smoke can invade the house by getting in vents, walls and other hard-to-reach places, and it can affect your personal belongings. The smoke soot left from the fire can also lead to damage to your property. As a fire damage restoration company, Paul Davis understands how disastrous a fire can be and how dangerous smoke damage is to you and your property.

Clearing out any remnants of smoke damage is just as important as taking care of fire damage. Smoke and soot that lingers can actually damage the health of anyone staying in the house. It isn’t safe to live inside a house with smoke contamination, even if all the smoke has been cleared away, there could still be soot and particles sticking around. That’s why it’s vital to get a professional to check up on your residence after you’ve experienced a home fire.

How Smoke Pollution Affects Your Health

Fire damage generates soot and ash, but the harmful materials that remain in the smoke often have carbons and tar. One of the primary things you should be concerned with in regards to smoke contamination is the extremely hazardous gas, carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is invisible, odorless and tasteless, and that’s why it’s crucial to have a professional come to your home for fire and smoke damage restoration. A professional contractor can analyze the levels of carbon monoxide in your home after a fire has occurred.

Alongside carbon monoxide, tar and other particles, the common health complications that can come from smoke contamination include:

  • Respiratory Issues – If smoke contamination is neglected, the dangers of breathing in carbon monoxide and other residue can make breathing difficult and can lead to concern for your sinuses and lungs. Just because your property is clear from smoke doesn’t mean it’s safe to live in. Your furniture and carpet and any other personal belongings could be embedded with small particles that could simply be taken into the lungs. That’s why it’s critical to clear away, not just smoke, but any smoke contamination after you’ve had a fire.
  • Skin Damage – Because residue from fire and smoke can get embedded into your carpets, furniture and clothing, this can lead to serious skin irritation. This can be serious enough where lotion won’t be able to treat it.
  • Eye Irritation – Red, itchy, watery eyes are a common complication stemmed from smoke residue remaining in your living area. When the issue isn’t taken care of, not only will your eyes be aggravated, but more damage could be sustained.

Eradicate Smoke Pollution – Paul Davis Can Help

No matter the size of the fire, smoke contamination can pervade your residence. It isn’t safe to remain in your home if there is smoke contamination. To avoid further harm to your health and your house, the professional team from Paul Davis is here to help. From our experience of being fire damage restoration experts, we know the importance of cleaning up smoke contamination. To get help from a franchise near your location, give contact us at 888-473-7669 today.